W.Chris Alford

Commercial & Residential Broker
with over 20 years expertise

  • Commercial Property Manager
  • Commercial & Residential Sales Broker
  • Residential Development Sales Manager
    & Builder
  • Former Director of Kentucky Real Estate Commission
  • Former Director of Kentucky Real Estate Education Foundation
  • Association Management Specialist
  • NAR Resort Real Estate Committee Member

To discuss your needs for commercial leasing, sales, management, or a 1031 exchange, we need to meet.  When can we get together?  

(843) 338-4335


Inside this issue:
Free Credit Reports Likely
Under Next Version of Law

"The Senate favors making permanent the national credit standard that makes it easier for borrowers to obtain mortgages, loans, and credit cards.."
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Tips for Homeowners
Insurance Coverage

"...experts are urging consumers to make sure their homeowners' insurance coverage is sufficient."
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You Need to Have Goals for Successful Investing in Real Estate

"Real estate has been one of the primary sources for investors to place their money for the last thousand years."
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Getting the Mouse Out of
the House

"About 21 million U.S. homes are invaded by mice each year."
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Licensed Real Estate Brokers in:
Georgia, South Carolina, & Kentucky


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